The digital revolution is changing the way we live, work and consume. Physical stores are no longer only distribution channels but rather brand-touchpoints where customers seek for experiences and service.

We support our clients in this transition and design the next generation of retail stores.


#SHOWROOMING was founded in 2017 by Ayhan Yuruk. In the first phase, we focused on consulting pure e-commerce companies go offline and translated their e-DNA into a physical brand experience. Meanwhile, the majority of our inquiries come from traditional companies, who aim to re-think and re-design their physical brand experience.


We nail it

We plan all the details and execute them.

We meet

We get to know each other and discuss how we can work together. Contact us.

We kick-off

You brief us. This phase depends on the type of project - it can range from a briefing call or -email, to a briefing meeting or a workshop.

We sparkle


We dive deep

We design an experiential retail concept and present it to you.
This phase depends on the type of project - it can range from two to multiple rounds for fine-tuning the concept until we reach the ultimate sparkles in your eyes.

Every project starts with a deep dive into your world. We want to understand your brand identity, your strategy, your target group and your KPIs so that everything we design evolves around your brand DNA.

We get real

How can we make your retail space SEXY AGAIN? 
We analyse. We brainstorm. We get strategic.



We are creative strategists with passion for tech

We are not simply a retail studio that designs creative concepts. We have a strong strategic mindset, are KPI focused and we know what’s hot in terms of technology.