Artificial Intelligence will take your customer engagement to the next level.

Shopping windows of today are static. In most cases they aim to create a cohesive image of the brand and what it has to offer. Yet they display only a few options of many. Staff are forced to pick and choose a select amount from the vast variety that - in their opinion - best represents the product on offer and seasonal topics. Based on this singular display, customers are expected to assume what other products a shop offers, and whether they’d find anything to their liking. Shopping windows are unresponsive whilst questions arise and remain unanswered to the customer. This does neither your products nor potential shoppers justice. In our hyper connected world, this form of communication between customer and product is impersonal and completely outdated. Since no one size fits all, one product does not appeal to everyone. To those who live in the neighborhood and pass by your store frequently, the storefront remains unchanging for weeks, up to months. This leaves shops in a tough spot: How to re-spike interest?

But what grabs a stranger's attention? Digitalization has led to the average human attention span growing shorter and shorter by the day. Shoppers are exposed to countless stimuli - they’ve become jaded. Products and messages behind businesses usually go unnoticed, not because the customers aren’t willing to listen, but because they aren’t inclined to. Not yet.

Have bypassers instantly become immersed in your offers with the help of AI technology targeting a customer's personal style. Have them engage with the products through their own initiative because it appeals and fascinates them.

It makes sense, really. In this day and age, where people are no longer satisfied with simply viewing content but desire to create it (e.g. Tiktok), they want to be in charge of their own customer journey, and shape their own experience with a brand. Your shopping window is where a person comes in contact with your brand - possibly for the first time -, and this transcends an online experience by being able to tap into multiple human sensory systems at once. Enable customers to discover new realms of vision, sounds, smell or even touch. This is essential to grasping a passerby’s attention immediately. AI could be of great use in this attempt.

Make full use of the potential your storefront possesses!

Top 3 benefits of AI incorporated shopping windows:

  1. Personalized interaction and targeted product suggestions.

  2. Products offered around the clock, regardless of opening hours.

  3. Cross-selling through further product recommendation.

Have AI in your shopping window interact with clients even before staff strike up a conversation.

Let us walk you through the process:

First, an integrated 3D sensor at the storefront reacts to bypassers, by displaying attention grabbing content on a screen. Once their attention is on the screen, the AI recognizes some demographics through anonymous face and body scanning technology and analysis e.g. the style of the recipient. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, AI suggests, according to the collected data, a predefined and curated product or outfit of the latest collection. With a simple QR-code scan, further colors and designs can then be enquired, as well as ordered either directly online on the personal device, or a reservation can be made for personal in-store shopping and to try on.

Zero contact, infinite engagement.

Allowing for a seamless experience. Using this technology enables an accurate and personalized exchange with potential customers, which allows an exponential rise of their engagement with your brand.

AI is the inherent next step to elevate businesses, which shoppers have been ready for, for quite some time now. Take it.

Catch up with your customers thanks to the AI technology SHOWROOMING can incorporate in your shopping window, and bring your store to life!



#SHOWROOMING is an experiential retail marketing agency at the intersection of design, brand-activation and technology.

Headquartered in Berlin, their aim is to make physical stores sexy again by disrupting the traditional brick-and-mortar retail landscape through data driven creative commerce and out-of-the-box floor concepts, that is on the pulse of the new generation and a mobile driven culture.

Services include: Experience Design/Customer Activation, POS-Technologies and Retail Design.

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