Mobility: Go Stationary - We Tell You Why

Mobility is no longer limited to physical spaces. Mobility businesses, especially shared vehicle providers, usually only know their user base through accumulated data, not from personal encounters. A brand space creates a platform for a face-to-face exchange between service providers and users. Additionally, it can function as a central hub and customer service point. So why not open a brand space, even a temporary one, to introduce new products or concepts and test the market for customer response?

Promotional activities that get your customer base up and moving, campaigns to motivate locals to discover the nooks and crannies of their city, or sparking curiosity by making new technologies even more accessible to all users, are all ways to make your customers experience your brand as versatile as it is, in a fun and engaging manner.

Vehicles of transportation are usually a one time purchase. While time is spent contemplating on the model and design, after acquiring the product, they are no longer invested in your brand, only the functionality of what they’ve bought.

Mobility firms face the following challenges: Communicating sustainable steps their business has taken, and having to rely on their customers' technological affinity, for many services are accessed through digital devices.

A physical space is a way to overcome them: Meeting face-to-face would lend struggling customers a hand in navigating the digital aspects of your service.

Demonstrations would allow for customers to experience and ask questions about the service before using it themselves. Interaction between you and the user is essential to have your customer associate emotions with your brand, thanks to the interpersonal exchange you shared.

If you’re thinking of acquiring new customers and raising brand awareness, it might be worth it to go stationary - but what would that look like?

  • Have electric cars park on your store ground for free

  • Build a pop up drive through that hands out coupons or lottery tickets to win service points, prizes, and more

  • Organize tours or races, with valuable touch points at which mileage can be earned (Develop a mileage program for your customers)

  • Collaborate with sports (retail) brands and release a statement piece or a collection of your own

  • Offer a Taxi service in premium cars, and test drives for curious customers

  • Provide shuttle services to airports or events for VIP customers

  • Hold a car concert or drive in cinema

  • Open a workshop for those interested in the engineering of high class cars. Let them twist and turn at the wheels and screws and get to know your products from the inside out

  • Organize a used car flea market: Let your customers exchange their used cars and models amongst each other. Have them interconnect and share their experience with your products. A networking event between people of similar interests, of which your company is the host

All of these ideas can be supported by our GDPR certified analytics technologies which will give you insights into your customer database like never before.

Let's create experiences that move us.

Written by Zoé Schick

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