Bad retail is dead. Creative studio #SHOWROOMING presents a new generation of retail


Berlin, 16 May 2018 – The market is full of bad retail. But “bad” retail is dead. The digital transformation is increasingly forcing retailers to adapt their brick-and-mortar stores to changing customer needs. While “bad” retail focuses on the company's expectations, “great” retail prioritizes unconditional customer-centricity. Ayhan Yuruk, founder and Managing Director of the creative studio #SHOWROOMING, is now presenting inspiration for a future-oriented customer journey through various stations in a Retail Experience Lab in Berlin. The project provides insights into innovative retail technologies such as smart mirrors, virtual shelf extensions, RFID, and payment solutions. The idea of the Retail Lab is to start the Customer Journey where it actually begins: at the customer's home. Based on the moments “Getting to work”, “New Lifestyle” and “Dinner with friends”, these everyday situations are visually represented to show retailers where they can best reach their customers - in accordance with the motto “Don't wait until the customer comes to you, but pick them up where they are.” The stations lead visitors through a living room, subway, shopping, fitness studio, and dinner party, showcasing different retail technologies that make the act of buying a real experience and will make it decisively easier for the customer. “The fact is, we need innovative technologies," says retail expert Yuruk. “They give us new ways of getting to know the customers, responding to their wishes and simplifying internal processes. However, the technologies should not just be used for their own sake, but rather act as meaningful background support.”


Experiential Retailing: the great opportunity for retailers


Today's customers want to find all the advantages of online shopping in the real world. In order to assert themselves in stationary retail, retailers must, therefore, offer their customers far more than just product presentation. The stationary store must offer the same advantages as the online shop, ensuring a seamless transition from online to offline so that the customer experiences the benefits of both worlds without thinking in channels. Once again, retailers must be keen to experiment and dare to try something new. Experiential retailing is based on excellence, education, emotion, entertainment, and engagement - these essential success factors for the retail industry of the future are reflected in the concept behind #SHOWROOMING. With his creative studio, Ayhan Yuruk designs a new generation of retail stores, fast-changing, and flexible shop fittings, and curates innovative technologies tailored to the respective industry and its customers. Through co-operations and collaborations, the Point of Experience (POX) becomes a micro-marketplace, where the customer is supplied with everything they need. The POX is not only a sales channel and showroom but functions as an experience lab. In addition to changing customer events, workshops, seminars, and incentives for employees, product tests and editorials can also take place here. In this way, the point of experience becomes the stage for the brand and the customer becomes the brand ambassador.



As a creative director and retail expert, Ayhan Yuruk has developed numerous concepts and designs for showrooms, catwalks, and shops in London, Milan, and Paris, for Villeroy & Boch, Peek & Cloppenburg and Ermenegildo Zegna, among others. In 2017 Yuruk founded the creative studio #SHOWROOMING to support online companies on the path to brick-and-mortar retail and establishing a new way of shopping. The international #SHOWROOMING team consists of experts in retail strategy, visual marketing, omnichannel, customer relationship management (CRM) and architecture, and does not offer off-the-peg concepts to their clients, rather, individual solutions to meet their specific challenges.